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Big Win for Kevin

$9,000 Winner

Each Monday night people across the province tune in at 7pm for Bingo. The evening consists of 5 games, played on 4 cards. The last game of each night is a full card jackpot in 50 balls or less for a prize of $5000-$10,000 - if no one gets a full card in 50 balls or less then players play for a $750 consolation prize.

On December 20th, 2021 and the last Bingo of the year the jackpot was at a whopping $9,000.00 - the perfect pre-holiday present. On the 50th ball of each night we like to take a few extra moments to ensure that if someone calls for the big win they have lots of time; or as Meghan says "lots of time to call in case they are dropping their phone in excitement." During those extra moments the Bingo room stands still as we patiently wait to see if the jackpot will be increasing the following week if no one wins.

Earlier that day, Kevin, a Saint John local was looking for a Bingo to get his hands on and Heart and Stroke NB Bingo was the only Bingo open that night. Kevin was hesitant about trying an online Bingo but decided to give it a try because regardless of how it went he was supporting a good cause. Excited to be able to play from his own home - Kevin logged onto at 7pm that night.

Finally, Meghan called B3 which was the 50th ball and the last ball Kevin needed for his full card jackpot - he was a WINNER!

After getting to know Kevin, who has become a major HSFNB advocate, we discovered how much that night meant to him, "Winning $9,000.00 just before Christmas helped me a lot as I was in a big struggle." We know that after so many weeks of Bingo we are guaranteed to give away a big jackpot, its one of the most exciting parts about Bingo. All of the prizes - but especially the give away - are our way of thanking our players for sticking with us.

"Meghan is so amazing, friendly and fun. Since winning the jackpot of $9000.00 it makes it more fun and exciting playing every Monday."

Congratulations to Kevin on his big win before the holidays and congratulations to our four other major jackpot winners! Without the support of the community and without our weekly Bingo players or new Bingo players we would not be able to accomplish our goals as a foundation.

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