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Women's Health and Mothers Day

This Mothers Day, we wanted to take a moment to appreciate all of the strong, powerful, unique, and excellent women in our lives. We recognize that our foundation is primarily run by mothers, and for them we are grateful.

Take some time this Mothers Day to thank and acknowledge the women in your life. It's also important to remember that while women and mothers are taking care of others, we should have their health in our minds. Most women in Canada have at least one risk factor for heart disease and stroke.

It is important for every woman to know about their risk factors so that you can prevent heart disease and stroke, and recognize the signs so you can get help immediately. Women’s experience with heart disease is different from men’s in several important ways.

Women are under-aware and under-researched. Within the healthcare system they are under-diagnosed and under-treated, and under-supported in their recovery. Women’s unique physiology poses distinct challenges in the prevention and management of heart disease.

For women’s heart health to improve, the healthcare system needs to catch up to the fact that women’s hearts are different – and ensure that new knowledge about women and heart disease is translated into better prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

It's time for us all to empower the women in our lives, and also allow them to take some time to be with themselves and their bodies. Often times (like the video above demonstrated) we are too busy with helping others to recognize what is going on with ourselves - it's time for that to change!

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